Life, like a good knife, is all about seeking a perfect mix of utility and aesthetics. One part meets the necessary functions of living, and one part is the art you make of it.

Podforge knives show a deftness and attention to detail consistent with the best traditions of knifemaking around the world. Each piece Dietrich Podmajersky produces is a personal statement, a testament of his love for the form. But don’t let their pretty looks fool you–these are serious knives, the kind you could use to break down a Caribou carcass out on the tundra.

Dietrich Podmajersky

Dietrich Podmajersky has been making things his whole life. He was drawn to knife making in his youth and years later cultivated his dream at the Art Institute of Seattle while earning a degree in Industrial Design. He continued his pursuit of the perfect blade at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in 2003. In 2011, he studied mokume gane with Phillip Baldwin at Pratt Fine Arts Center. In 2014, Dietrich studied classical Japanese metalwork with Ford Hallam and traditional European engraving with Ray Cover, both at The Ranch Center for Arts and Craft.

To order from Dietrich, tell him what you’re looking for by email to podforge at gmail dot com, or leave a message at 206-552-0763.