The Webstore is now live

The Podforge Webstore is now open. I don’t have all of the tools listed yet, but I will be adding more as I get photos and descriptions written up.  I will also be adding a couple of jewelry items and the knives that are currently available.

At the start most of the tools will be made to order so there will be a delay between ordering and shipping.  (also there is a link above in the menu area)

Currently the store is configured to ship to the USA and Canada. If you are someplace else send me mail and I will look into shipping options and see what I can get set up.

As always, if you have any questions send me email and I will get back to you promptly

If you want to be notified as things get added to the store sign up for the email list.

-Dietrich Podmajersky
Podforge LLC

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