An update for Spring 2016

Wow, have I neglected this blog.  Let me be honest, I’m not the best at blogging.  Long form writing just really isn’t my thing.  That said I think it does fill a need every so often.

So almost a year ago I changed around how I handle my web hosting.  I moved the website to  Less maintenance for me, no need to worry about/apply patches or updates, no checking on the backup scripts or downloading the database backup.  Ok, I should probably offsite backup but hey worst case scenario I rebuild from scratch at some point and won’t be encumbered by the old stuff.   I also moved the email over to Office365.  I was really tired of dealing with email provided through a hosting company.  They always seemed to talk a good talk but never quite got it right.  I wanted enterprise quality up-time and stability.  So it was either Google or Microsoft.. pretty much a “six of one half a dozen of the other” situation and since I already had an account with Microsoft and it was just a matter of adding another license, laziness prevailed.

One of the reasons things have been quiet here on the blog is things went a bit sideways for me last summer.  Lots of stress in the personal life left me exhausted and most likely with a bit of depression.  It pretty much derailed everything with the business for a couple months, and caused me to cancel my table at the USN Gathering (my apologies if you were expecting to see me there).  On the plus side since everything got derailed, I took some time to focus on the engraving.  This was a good thing to do.  I also went to the FEGA (Firearms Engravers Guild of America) show in January.  It was a good show, and I got a chance to take a close look at a wide variety of work and get a better understanding of where my work is compared to folks who are currently working in the field.

Lots of things are getting revamped around here.  I’m in the process of changing how I make things, diversifying a bit, and in general “kicking things up a notch”.   Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more updates about what is going on around here.  Between now and Blade Show things are going to be very busy.

To wrap up this post and circle back around to the first paragraph, while long format posts here will always be a limited thing, I have found I really like the format over on Instagram and have been more successful in posting things there.  you can find my feed here:  and I also added the Instagram widget to this WordPress site.

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