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The Webstore is now live

The Podforge Webstore is now open. I don’t have all of the tools listed yet, but I will be adding more as I get photos and descriptions written up.  I will also be adding a couple of jewelry items and … Continue reading

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An update for Spring 2016

Wow, have I neglected this blog.  Let me be honest, I’m not the best at blogging.  Long form writing just really isn’t my thing.  That said I think it does fill a need every so often. So almost a year … Continue reading

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Web Changes

I am in the process of making some adjustments to the website.  There may be some minor hiccups while I get things nailed down.

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Urushi allergy update #2

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Urushi allergy test update

and 4.5 days later……

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Trying out Video..

I’ve decided to try updates in a video format.  Here is the fist one:

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The Elephant in the Society

I have made the decision to return my JS stamp and not renew my membership in the ABS at the end of the year. Over the last 3 years at Blade I have witnessed things and had things brought to … Continue reading

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Step one on the revised workspace

One of the things I needed to add to the workspace, in order to do the Japanese metalwork and engraving, is an adjustable height work platform and Ideally with a turntable.  The reason for this is that it makes it … Continue reading

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An update for June: Leveling up and Blade show

In this update: Website Changes Leveling up: AKA adding new skills Blade Show What it all means and what comes next As you may have noticed (unless you read the blog via a feed reader) there have been some major … Continue reading

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March 2014 update: standard catalog changes and insight into why I do what I do

The price lists for kitchen and utility knives is what I refer to as “standard Catalog” knives.  I have decided to simplify the  options.  Effectively immediately I am discontinuing the “Zompoc” finish.   I still have a few pieces in … Continue reading

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