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An update for June: Leveling up and Blade show

In this update: Website Changes Leveling up: AKA adding new skills Blade Show What it all means and what comes next As you may have noticed (unless you read the blog via a feed reader) there have been some major … Continue reading

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March 2014 update: standard catalog changes and insight into why I do what I do

The price lists for kitchen and utility knives is what I refer to as “standard Catalog” knives.  I have decided to simplify the  options.  Effectively immediately I am discontinuing the “Zompoc” finish.   I still have a few pieces in … Continue reading

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OKCA Display Award Knife

At last years OKCA show I got asked to make one of the display award knives for this year.  The club provides the profiled blank and the knife maker makes a knife out of it and gives it back to … Continue reading

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Closing out October with an Update

(edited to update the Link to James Austin’s more current website) Looking at the date of the last post I have been rather bad about getting an update out.  Since the last post I’ve done a couple shows worked on … Continue reading

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They’re Here

The FedEx person was kind enough this morning to drop of…. wait for it.. wait for it… THE 2013 Podforge patches: I did order them late which is why they weren’t at the OKCA show.. but I’ll have them at … Continue reading

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OKCA recap

Due to scheduling we left for the Show Friday morning this year instead of Thursday.  Leaving early got us into Portland around 9am, right on schedule.  We then had a detour to go pick up a roughly 2foot by 4 … Continue reading

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2013 show schedule

I’ve updated the Show schedule on the site to the 2013 shows I currently have a table at.  First up is the Eugene show April 12-14.  I’ll be at  table P12. Then I’ll be at Blade show in Atlanta May31, … Continue reading

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Show recap and status of long term projects

The NWKC show in Kelso a couple weeks ago wrapped up the show season for me this year.   It was a good show and I’ll be doing it again next year.  Included in the knives I had was a … Continue reading

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Early september update:

So perhaps the title of Early September is a bit optimistic now that I’m looking at the calendar. Where to start…  How about the shed.  The door hardware was acquired, the door fabricated and hung.  I’ve even managed to get … Continue reading

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On becoming the wife of a Journeyman Smith

In the past year of building the knife business, there have been more than a few tough decisions to make. Dietrich and I take these decisions on as a team, as a partnership. As one would expect, tough decisions bring tension … Continue reading

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