Show recap and status of long term projects

The NWKC show in Kelso a couple weeks ago wrapped up the show season for me this year.   It was a good show and I’ll be doing it again next year.  Included in the knives I had was a fantastic set of 3 kitchen knives (8″ chef and 2 paring) with absolutely gorgeous orange/red dyed stabilized buckeye burl.  I had Hawk Media photograph them and will  post that picture as soon as I get it.

Speaking of pictures I have a bunch of pictures of recent work I need to do post processing on and get added to the site.

There are a couple Long term projects that have been moving forward.  The Hydraulic press project is making slow but incremental progress.  The smelting project has gotten more traction recently and is looking like there will actually be a smelt or 2 happening this winter.  Just this week I picked up 500# of ore, so now I have plenty of material to learn with.

I’ve got a couple special pieces planned for this winter and if all goes well I’ll have some spectacular stuff at the shows next year.

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