Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How do I care for my Color Case Hardened or Wrought Iron pendent?

A:   When your pendent was made it was coated in a good application of wax.  To protect the surface from moisture it should be re-waxed on a regular basis.   My preferred wax is Renaissance Wax, other waxes that will work fine are BriWax, Minwood paste finishing wax, or in a pinch paste car wax .


Q:   How should I care for my Podforge Kitchen Knife

A:   Please use and enjoy your new handcrafted tool.  Knives should not be washed in a dishwasher. Hand washing and drying will help keep your knife in the best condition possible.  Wood handles should not be allowed to soak in liquids; while the material has been stabilized for the best possible longevity, it will still be damaged by sustained exposure to liquids.   In order to keep your knife sharp as long as possible, it is best to avoid cutting on hard surfaces like glass, ceramic, or marble. Storing the knife in a block or a magnetic strip will help keep the edge from getting banged up.


Q:   Should I wash my Podforge Knife in the Dishwasher?

A:   No please don’t wash your Podforge knife in the dishwasher.  This is probably the easiest way to damage it.  Modern dishwashers are a very hostile environment and will quickly dull the edge and make every effort to separate the handle from the knife.  The best way to care for your knife is to hand wash it, dry it and store in a manner where the edge will not bang into anything.  Additionally if you have a wood handled knife you should avoid letting the handle sit in liquids for a prolonged amount of time as this will work to loosen the handle.


Q:   What’s up with the metal tags?

A:  Every genuine Podforge knife comes with a hand-stamped metal tag that shows the Pod logo, the knife’s serial number, and identifying code.  The knife’s serial number is determined by when it is finished.  The serial number tag has 3 pairs of numbers separated by dots.  The first and second pair show the year and month the knife was finished.  The last pair an incremental number, restarting at 01 at the beginning of each month.  The long string under the serial number references the Grade, Model, Handle Material, Blade Material, and occasionally other information.

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