Early september update:

So perhaps the title of Early September is a bit optimistic now that I’m looking at the calendar.

Where to start…  How about the shed.  The door hardware was acquired, the door fabricated and hung.  I’ve even managed to get a trial layout for the forge and anvil and get some forging in.  The layout is going to need some tweaking but that is to be expected.  Here is a photo of the shed with the door:

Some minor things still need doing including a rain gutter across the back.

On a not so positive note, the organizer of the Boise show has canceled the show this year.  So no November show for me.  It was going to be my first year doing the Boise show and I had heard lots of great things about it from other makers.  I was looking forward to that show.  Unfortunately that does kind of scrozzle up the production schedule as there are things that now should get done a month sooner (since the NWKC show is going to be the last show this year for me).  Makes the rest of this month a zoo, but eases up the  rest of the year a bit.

Speaking of things going on this month, I will be taking the time away from the shop to attend the NorthWest Blacksmith Association (NWBA) fall conference.  It will be good to see some folks I haven’t seen in a a while and the demo list looks good.  If I’m lucky I’ll find stuff for a hydraulic press in the tailgate area.

I probably won’t get another update made until just before the NWKC show early October due to that scrozzled schedule mentioned above.



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