Dietrich Podmajersky

Dietrich Podmajersky, Knifemaker

There was a time in our collective history when people used to make things. Some men try to keep that spirit alive by fixing the occasional pantry shelf or building a dog house. Dietrich Podmajersky makes knives. Each blade Dietrich produces is a personal statement, a testament of his love for the form.

Whether it’s making knives for the professional chef, the avid collector, or utility purposes, Dietrich does it because it’s in his blood. He does it because it’s his dream and his calling. He does it to put in your hand the knife you’ve always wanted.

Life, like a good knife, is all about seeking a perfect mix of utility and aesthetics. One part meets the necessary functions of living, and one part is the art you make of it.

Dietrich Podmajersky has been making and un-making things his whole life. He was drawn to knife making in his youth and years later cultivated his dream at the Art Institute of Seattle while earning a degree in Industrial Design. He continued his pursuit of the perfect blade at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in 2003.

Contact InfoDietrich’s current metal arts pursuits span from smelting to engraving, to fabricating a mobile pie-forge for Burning Man. The metal has been good to him, too; he got to know his wife while teaching her how to weld, and his daughter forged her own Wakizashi (at Tomboyama Nihonto Tanren Dojo.) Dietrich spent more than a decade working in Seattle’s tech industry, with every bonus check building his arsenal of tools. Now, he forges his future with his anvil, belt grinder, kiln, forge, and more.