(sneak peek) Kitchen Knives introductory pricing

(edited to note sold out of W2)

I have been working on the website, which will include pricing and availability data. I’m not ready to broadly advertise yet, but I figured I would go ahead and post what I have determined so far, for the people who have been asking.

Before I get too far into this, though: unless I’ve spoken to you personally, the odds of getting anything before Christmas are very unlikely due to the work that is already booked on my calendar. Lead time varies, depending on options and what my backlog is. If I have the material you want in stock, the lead time is a minimum of 3 weeks.

Introductory pricing on Kitchen knives (does not include shipping):

2.5″ paring $110
3.25″ paring $120
4″ paring $130
5″ chef $225
8″ chef $350
10″ chef $400 (not pictured)

The 10 inch chef has the same handle and depth as the 8″ but  has been stretched out to a 10″ blade length.


Steel: 0.10″ max thickness at spine, your choice of
– CPM 154CM Stainless (standard)
– S35VN Stainless
W2 High Carbon  All my W2 stock is allocated please email for current High carbon options and availiblity

– None (standard)
– Stainless steel (add $50)

Handle material:
– Micarta or G-10 (standard; you specify color)
– Stabilized wood (add $40-80, depending on wood)

2 Pins: (3 are optional)
– Black Micarta
– Stainless (add $10)
– Mosaic (add $25 or more, depending on style)

Prices are subject to change. If you are reading this after March 1st 2012 please contact me for current pricing.

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1 Response to (sneak peek) Kitchen Knives introductory pricing

  1. Tracy Robinson says:

    I am so impressed and have heard from multiple people now how these are the best knives they have ever handled…. I cannot wait to order one — congratulations on making your dream come true 🙂


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