Of progress and photo “development”

The last 3 weeks I have been working on filling an order and finishing out a couple of kitchen knives that were started at the end of last year.  Porgress was slowed due to the snow storm but I did get the 5 knives finished and photos taken.  There are 2 that will be getting put up here as availible soon.  I need to finish processing the phots first though.   

Speaking of processing photos,  I upgraded my camera at the end of the year because running a web based business and trying to take product photographs with a digital point and shoot is not ideal.    The flip side of getting a good camera and shooting in a raw format is that you need to post process or “develop” the photos before you can use them.  I must say I really appreciate being able to adjust the white balance and tone down the overexposed spots.  I am playing with the Lightroom4 beta and finding that it is possible to really improve the photo quite a bit.  Photographing knives is a bit of a pain with the shiny reflective surfaces, pretty much all the photos can appear washed out.  I’m not doing any manipulation in Photoshop, just tweaking color and saturation and stuff in lightroon.. but dang the diference is quite large.  

Well enough rambling, I spent a hour or so tweaking things around on a photo of one of the knives I just delivered, and think that it isn’t bad for a first attmept at better photographjy.  So without further adieu: (as always click for a larger full view) 

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