Mid July update

I know things have been pretty quite on the news front here, so time to give you all an update.

The new forge I built earlier this year has been living in a temporary structure in the yard where I have been doing the forging (only about a 4’x6′ fabric roofed, tarp wall structure).  This has been mainly to keep the rain off the forge and anvil so they stay dry.  Forging meant pulling out the tools from the house and setting up .. then tearing down.  Seattle is an interesting place with regards to rain.  It usually doesn’t rain too heavily, unlike the south, but does rain kind of constantly.  Statistically there is about a 4 week period from early July thought early to mid august where there is very little rain.  So the plan has been to use July to get an actual shed built for the forge.  Since the Peugeot Sound region is not known for flat ground  I’ve spent the last 2 weeks extending a retaining wall (1400# of retaining wall block), bringing in 4000# of fill dirt and at this point 1800# of 1/4minus crushed rock.  Due to the nature of the property couldn’t really use any machinery to move it all.   So yea.. 2 weeks of tired.

I have managed to get the preliminary design work done on the Steak knife for the kitchen set and as soon as the shed is done making a prototype is on the build list.


Anyway the freak thunderstorm (We don’t get many here in the sound) appears to have passed.  The storm was the reason I had the time to stop and post.   So let me leave you with a picture of the progress so far.

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