3d sliding tile puzzle

I haven’t gotten back to training the robot yet. The last bunch of days I have been working on organizing the space and clearing out some junk. The house isn’t huge and while I have quite a bit of space dedicated to shop it can seem a bit tight at times. So organization tends to turn into one of those sliding tile puzzles, except in 3 dimensions. Lots of things like, put a bunch of stuff in the middle of everything so I can move some shelves from under a bench because it looks like the spare GT6 motor will store nicely under there and I can move what was under the bench to other places where they will be more usable. Worked great.. except the table saw couldn’t be pulled out from under the bench till I pulled the cooling fan off the motor to get just a little more space. Oh and I pulled the carburetors off the motor so I don’t bang my knees so much. That is just fine though as they will fit on the shelves in the other room where all the other GT6 parts currently live.

Did I mention I saw parts of the garage I haven’t seen since we moved in. I got the work bench in the garage cleaned off. Stored some things out of the way that won’t be used for a while, have a pile trash and recycling to take to the dump, and one or two things to donate to Goodwill. Overall lots of progress made.

I also spent a couple hours looking through schematics for electrical connectors trying to find the correct ones so I can allow the plasma cutter to be controlled by the robot. In the end I did manage to find the right connectors and order them from mouser. Now I just need to borrow a crimper and build a little wiring harness.

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  1. Michael Kemp says:

    Self-organized criticality? When I finally got an electrician friend to put 220 outlets in the shop a few weeks back – and I could plug in the X-kitchen stove then I could no longer use it as a table and it was like “the falling of small stones that begin an avalanche…”


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