One robot.. now with Plasma

Yesterday I managed to get the air compressor set up with a water trap and regulator mounted on the wall, and finally tried out the plasma cutter freehand. DANG the plasma cutter is a bit scary. You pull the trigger and a jet of ionized gas almost instantly blows through the steel, Yikes. Anyhow, the plasma cutter was acting like there was an air leak inside so I turned it off and let it sit overnight to bleed out the capacitors. This morning I cracked open the plasma cutter and fixed the air leak and then mounted the torch on the Robot. This tool a little fiddling as I needed to open up the mounting clamp a little to fit the torch. Once that was finished and the torch adjusted I fired it all up and made some test cuts for speed on a .25inch thick piece of mild steel. A quarter of an inch is probably the thickest I plan on cutting right now (especially with this plasma cutter) so I figured it would be a decent place to start with the test cutting. Up next some .125 inch thick high carbon steel.

As proof that it happened I give to you one video:

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