Knife profiles in metal

As I mentioned last post the first part of the week was spent getting some designs in CAD. Part of today was spent doing some test cuts in 22ga mild steel to verify the Gcode files for the new designs. Then I ran a couple test pieces out of 1.8th inch high carbon blade stock (1075 for those interested in specifics). The blade stock turned out pretty good. I ran them a little too fast (60 ipm) so I will run the next ones slower. I also hadn’t quite figured out the kerf compensation. I tried another 22ga test piece after dinner with what I hoped were the right settings, but alas still were not correct. I did more research and now have the driver software simulating the cutter compensation properly, which means tomorrow I should be able to make some edits to one of the Gcode files and give it another try.

By way of proof I offer a picture of a pile of blade blanks both 22ga and 1/8th inch.

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