Super secret project now ready for primetime: Embroidered Podforge Patches


pile of embroidered podforge patches

pile of patches

It occurred to me a while back that Embroidered Patches would be a pretty neat thing to have.  I figured I could include one with each knife and sell or give them away at shows and such.   I did some research on pricing and capabilities and determined that it would be feasible.  Torrey liked the idea so we spent a bit of time designing the patch and going through a couple of refinement cycles.  In the end we came up with a design that I am really happy with.

If you would like one, stop by table P16 at the OKCA show in Eugene April 14 & 15, or stop by my table at Blade in Atlanta June 8-10th (I’ll post table info as soon as I get it).  Local folks.. feel free to pester me about one next time I see you.

Here is a close up of one:

embroidered podforge patch

close up of the patch

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