Never really had the desire to see my name in lights

What does a reference to Broadway theater marquee have to do with knife making?  Just the fact that I find it odd to see my name plastered 3 feet wide across the front of a table.

Let me explain.  Part of the “kit” I’m putting together for knife shows includes a table cover.  Rather than go down to the fabric store and grab some some yardage or pile a bunch of animal skins on the the table, I went all crazy and ordered a commercial trade show table cover in black with the following emblazoned across the front in Lime green:

Dietrich Podmajersky
Seattle Washington

Flanked by an upright”POD” logo on each side also in lime green.

Honestly I find it a bit disconcerting, but at least people will have a better chance of finding or remembering me at shows.   I’ll see about getting a picture up at some point.

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